"E.M.E.I.S" Program

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Description of the E.M.E.I.S. Program

The aim of the program
The aim of the program is the development of a positive climate in the school environment in order to reinforce the individual and group resilience as well as the promotion and development of internal strengths, motivation and skills in the school environment. An important goal of this program is to offer to the educators an opportunity to strengthen their own resilience and, at the same time, to offer them a proposal for student support and empowerment in the classroom as well as the development of a supportive network for the school community (at large) by covering the intense needs for psychological support which have emerged from the current economic crisis.
In addition, the program aims a) to develop an intervention program that promotes positive school climate and resilience in the school environment, b) to identify and strengthen the values pertaining the classroom and the school unit, c) to process the social-emotional reactions in crisis among members of the school community, d) to promote coping and stress management, e) to encourage the development of self-improvement strategies in children, and f) to comprehend and manage the patterns of aggressive behaviour in the school environment during difficult times.  In all its stages the program promotes the reinforcement of protective factors while at the same time tries to reduce the risk factors; the final outcome is to enhance the academic and psychosocial competence and wellbeing.

The “Teachers’ Training Program for the Promotion of a Positive School Climate and Resilience in the School Community, E.M.E.I.S” is part of the Connecting for Caring project (C4C), a multilevel program for the prevention, awareness building , training and intervention. Teachers from primary (Kindergarten and Elementary) and secondary education (Junior high school) participate in the program.
Educational material
The program provides educators with especially designed and structured activities to implement in their classrooms that contribute in the promotion of a positive climate in their classroom, school wellbeing and resilience. In addition, special educational material is provided to the teachers in order to advance their knowledge and support their training.  
These activities can be implemented: a) at an individual level for each student, where the goal is to strength and support each child, b) at a classroom level with the goal to create a positive climate and strengthen/support of all the classroom members the educator included and c) at a school unit level with the goal to promote resilience and a positive climate to all members of the school community.
Continuous education and specialized training for educators
The above continuous education and the specialized training is conducted on a structured and specialized frame. The program consists of six seminars of specialized training and activities implementation in schools.  Every seminar consists of two parts. In the first part a concise presentation of the theory takes place, each time enriched with a special theme along with the presentation of activities while the second part there are two sub units : a) the first concerns the supervision of the activities which the educators implement in the classrooms, b) the second concerns especially constructed experience -based activities for the educators themselves which promote the acquisition of skills and knowledge through the prism of an alternative way of learning.