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Chatzichristou,C., Kati Α., Georgouleas G., Likitsakou, Κ & Yfanti, T. (2012). Psychological support of children in crises. With an appendix on the economic crisis (booklet). Athens:  Society for School and Family Consultation and Research. Centre for Research and Practice in School Psychology, University of Athens.  Sponsor: Stavros Niarchos Foundation
The publication «Psychological support of children in periods of crises» is part of a wider effort that aims to prepare the significant adults (teachers and parents) to be able to manage crises that their children go through, with special reference and an appendix for the economic crisis.  This booklet includes a short theoretical framework and also practical guidelines addressed to teachers and parents, so they can feel more equiped to respond to the children’s needs and be able to support them accordingly.