Articles On Children's Development and Adjustment

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Articles on Children's Development and Adjustment

The particular action of the project is about the development of a scientific database with articles that connects the theory to the research and the action.  The subjects that are presented are concerned with children and adolescents’ education,  development and adjustment. It is a database of scientific knowledge, information and practices which is created for the first time in Greece and will enable access to all interested.  In this way a big gap in the modern Greek bibliography and practice will be bridged.

It aims to provide accurate, reliable and scientifically supported information to a specialized audience but also to the wider public (educators, parents, health specialists, school administrators, children/adolescents) 

The following categories are included : a) scientific articles, b) useful tips and practical advice for issues that usually trouble the educators, the parents or/and the children/adolescents, c)activities,  d) educational films e) educational games. Its long-term aim is to form the basis of a useful, essential and reliable source of information and knowledge which will cater for the contemporary needs of the educators, the parents and the rest “important others” so to support children effectively. An equally important function is to provide news and knowledge to children and adolescents who search for reliable sources of information in matters that concern them.


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